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          DH150 Series
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          DH150 Series
          DH150-B Auto Bussing Machine

          Products characteristics:

            1.Automatically complete the interconnection soldering process of the PV module busbar including the arrangement of the junction box end and the non-junction box end, the placement of the square EPE, long EPE insulating film, and the soldering work of the wire and the busbar(as per the applicable drawing. )

            2.Busbar is in roll feeding, automatic soldering L-type busbar

            3.Automatic cut and place the square EPE film and long EPE insulating film

            4.Automatic spray flux to the soldering area before soldering

            5.Both the busbar feeding and the solder insulator feeding are on the same side of the machine

            6.Rotated arm operating screen, convenient and quick

            7.Two-way transmission of glass according to the production line requirement, which not affect the normal soldering function


          Brief parameters: