Best survival game online: Free Fire Battlegrounds

Just like in real life, the presentday video games are being adapted as per real situations. The games have become such that playing them gives us a new dimension to venture upon. Everything we do, the lives we live, it all incorporates to the screenplay of various video games. One such video game is the Free Fire Battlegrounds.

The Free Fire Battlegrounds is a third person or third party, survival shooting game. The game was developed by 111dots, a Vietnamese company. The same was published by Garena. This video game is a multiplayer video game. Meaning, you can play the actionpacked video game with your friends or, you could just play it all alone. Whichever suits your mood, all you need to do is invite friends over or just play solo like it is. The sole purpose of the video game is to stay alive. Well, we have already mentioned about the video game is a third party survival game. Here, you will have to last until the end of the game. If and when you emerge to be the sole survivor in the ongoing game, you shall be declared the winner. There are various Free Fire hack that need to be used or could be avoided if you want a genuine game. However, hacks do take you a step forward and help you keep ahead of the rest of the players.

Weapons: Free Fire Battlegrounds

Since, the Free Fire Battlegrounds is an action filled, hardcore video game, weapons are a must. It is the soul of the game. When the game begins, you will have to collect as many weapons as you can. It is one of the most important aspects of the game. Wherever you find weapons and gear, grab it (by clicking on it), for it is a battleground and without weapons, you will die before you can even breathe. Therefore, look around and collect the weapons that are strategically placed all over the arena of the battle.

Listed below are few of the weapons required to be collected when playing the Free Fire battlegrounds video game:


Groz is a weapon, which is obtained when gifts come down from the sky. The range of the fire is quite efficient and far. Hence, you can aim and kill your opponents from a faroff distance.


The scar is a rifle that requires AR bullet. This weapon is used to knock an opponent down without any delay of death. It has quick effects.


The M14 rifle is a semi sniper weapon and has a long range firing. The high firepower helps the player to hurt the opponent and finish them in less time. Also, it has the maximum bullets in its chamber.

The above mentioned weapons are among the strongest of weapons that a player needs to acquire during the game. They have special effects and is efficient. These three weapons are a part of the Free Fire Battlegrounds hack and one needs to have knowledge of it before they begin. Now that you know, hope you have a good time shooting.

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