Learn About the Chests And Jewels In The Game Of Clash Royale

If you are a hardcore gamer then you must have heard about the game of Clash Royale. It is one of the most engaging and popular games of the recent times. Players who have played will only know about the greatness of the game and as far as others are concerned they should totally give it a try. In case if you are a non-gamer then you can make use of the Clash Royale cheats in order to master the game.

About The Chests and Jewels

Just like most of the games, even Clash Royale has chests and jewels with the help of which you can avail several benefits in the game. Each of these chests and jewels is rewarded to the players in different stage or level of the game. For the beginners who have no idea about it, they can have a look through these points that are listed below:

You can only open a chest box in the game after a certain period of time. In case if, you are not patient enough to wait that long then you can make use of your jewels.

Every time when you achieve something new in the game, you can unlock new jewels. This ensures that you have a continuous supply of jewels in the game. You can unlock 5 jewels at the same time if, you watch a match on the TV Royale.

In the game it is important that you keep a track of the time it takes to unlock a chest box.

Clan Chests:

If you are a member of a clan in the game then you will be able to collect Clan Chests at the beginning of each season. You will have 7 days to fill up the Clan Chest. Also, you can open them right away which mean there is no waiting for it, unlike the other chest boxes.

Try to remember all of these about the chests and jewels in the game so, that you can act or spend your jewels accordingly. Chests and jewels are very important in the game and therefore, you need to keep a track of every jewel that you use in the game. Also, you need to take care of the clan chest if you are a part of a clan in the game.

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