Some secrets for playing the game Clash of Clans

Clash of Clan is an online game which is played on the Android and iOS devices where you have to build your own village and with the help of resources you have to keep upgrading everything starting from the troops to the town hall and the resources are the currency which is used here like the gems, gold, and elixir. You can play this game in single mode or on multiplayer mode, and you can also take part in the clan war where you can chat with other clans, and they will also help you in participating in clan Wars by giving you some extra troops but this is a game which is based on strategy so after a few upgradation new features will be unleashed and you will have to provide more resources and time for the upgradation on the later stage so there will be some tricks and tips which you will come to know that time but for starting the game you need to know some basic tricks like not spending the gems or to avoid upgrading of the town hall etc.

Secrets of this game

Most of the people make a common mistake and think that barracks are made just for training the troops but it is a wrong because you can also train the large number of this troops when you are offline and when you will be playing the clan wars, when your troops will start getting destroyed the troops which are in queue will start training itself because you have already spent the elixir required for the training so you can also keep all the elixir safely in there. So when you return to your own village, you can easily cancel the training and get back all the elixir. This way you are keeping elixirs safe from your enemies.

There is an achievement known as sweet victory where you will be getting 450 gems if you get three stars and gems is the primary currency in this game and you can also search for the villages which are having their Town Hall in the unprotected area so that you can easily defeat them and get some trophies and stars and this way, just by defeating the weak opponent you can easily get 450 Gems.

After a certain level you will be benefited with spells that will help you to win the game easily as they are very much powerful, and you will also get strategic advantages but the thing is, they will be quite expensive so take some time to create them as many people give up on the lightning spell as they are weak, but with every upgrading the spell will become stronger because and it can also wipe out the mortar level four or five.

These are some few secrets about this game, and you can also try the Clash of Clans Cheats

for winning the game properly but make sure not to provide any personal information when it comes to trying the hacks.

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